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* More Than 40 Proven Templates Based On Tested Winners For IM, Affiliate and CPA Offers!
* “Drag and Drop” Everything from Sign-up Forms to Video!
* Easily Host Videos from Major Services Like YouTube and Viddler!
* Cash In With Lead Sucking Fill-In-the-Blank Copywriting Templates
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PageMako Builds Killer Affiliate Landing Pages for Newbies and Seasoned Marketers

The Copywriting?

Write World-Class Sales Copy In A Flash; With Tested Fill-In-The-Blank Templates

* Drag and drop fill-in-the-blank headlines, subheads, preheads, and bullets instantly…
* Choose from over 300 emotional power words and phrases to inject into your copy for red-hot conversions…
* Bonus email templates provided to get your list-building off to a rocket-fast start…
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