House Rules

Entering a business

You can enter your website business to G7Submit, whether it is a brick and mortar store or an online business, as long as the business genuine, legal and publicly acceptable.

You do need to register before you can enter a business. This is to prevent spammers and the likes to enter businesses that are fake, illegal, not related to online marketing, or unwanted in other ways.

Write an informative bit in the main box, as much information as you think is useful to inform or educate people about your business.

Register here.

Reviewing a business

We love to know what you think about the businesses posted in G7Submit, your recommendations and/or warnings. But we do have to set a few rules to keep it all fun, legal and nice.

* You need to be a registered member before you can review a business. Registering is simple and fast, but stops a great deal of useless comments as this prevent spammers.
* You can register with a pseudonym, but will have to use a real email address, which will not be displayed or given to third parties.
* You can enter your personal opinions and experiences, but please do not write anything defamatory, false or misleading, insulting, threatening, abusive, obscene, inciting violence, offensive, racist, discriminatory or of a sexual nature.
* You are legally responsible for what you enter, but we keep the right to edit or delete your comment if we think it might be perceived as a violation of the European Defamation Laws.
* Comment only on the business in the listing and do not use the comment box to promote your own or other businesses, if you do, your comments or reviews will be deleted.